Definition of visitors' book in English:

visitors' book


  • A book in which visitors to a public building write their names and addresses, and sometimes remarks.

    • ‘As if to symbolise this point, the visitors' books at both resorts are full of happy little stick drawings, like primary school art exhibitions.’
    • ‘‘You should see our visitors' book - we have never had a bad word said about us before,’ he said.’
    • ‘One lady from Northern Ireland wrote in the visitors' book that her visit had been ‘the most inspirational two hours of her 67 years on the planet’.’
    • ‘In the visitors' book at St Andrew's church, the same words appear again and again: God bless you; Rest in Peace; You are in our hearts.’
    • ‘As the founding president of the Society of Artists in Sydney, he signed his name in the visitors' book at Government House, thus affirming the position of the professional artist in colonial society.’
    • ‘As you can image I was forced to write ‘mediocre’ in the exhibition visitors' book.’
    • ‘Dressed and duck walked back to the reception area, we had another refreshing drink and were given an invitation to write in the visitors' book.’
    • ‘Remarks in the visitors' book are complimentary and most of the people who have signed it seem impressed with what they saw and learned.’
    • ‘The Duchess then unveiled a granite plaque, which will be used as a capping stone to seal a time capsule pupils plan to bury under the school path, and signed their visitors' book.’
    • ‘He had written a false name in the visitors' book at the museum - but failed to notice he was the only visitor in three days - and as such was easily remembered by the curator.’
    • ‘The drawings were made more than 30 years ago in the visitors' book of one of the artist's favourite restaurants, Lous Landes, in Paris.’
    • ‘‘Scottish people deserve more,’ one wrote in the visitors' book at the Holyrood building site.’
    • ‘An historic pen that was used by Queen Elizabeth II to sign the visitors' book in Appleby has been rediscovered thanks to an on-line auction website and The Messenger's sister paper, The Westmorland Gazette.’
    • ‘After that it is customary that we write in the visitors' book in the originally arranged room of Yuri Gagarin in the museum in Star City.’
    • ‘‘God Save The Queen and Bobby's bus shelter,’ says one entry in the visitors' book.’
    • ‘They may inscribe their presence on the site by having their picture taken there, writing their name in the visitors' book or carving it on a rock, leaving an offering of flowers or creating a small cairn or shrine.’
    • ‘One page of the visitors' book at Hall i'th'Wood in July featured signatures from Japan, Bolton, Rochdale, New Zealand, Atlanta, Devon, Bury - and Transylvania.’
    • ‘‘Important work’ is just one of the verdicts in the visitors' book at Bradford Peace Museum.’
    • ‘At the same time, several of the visitors to the mangrove have also warned, ‘take care of it’, in their remarks on the visitors' book.’
    • ‘What is more, Tolkien is said to have signed a visitors' book for Lochstack Lodge on the Duke of Westminster's estate at the foot of Ben Stack.’