Definition of viscometry in English:



  • See viscometer

    • ‘Although viscometry is potentially an excellent tool for quality control of liposomes and lipoplexes, it has seldom been used in this field, most likely because it requires a large amount of sample.’
    • ‘Except for the lowest molecular weight samples, all of the average molecular weights were determined by agarose gel electrophoresis or viscometry.’
    • ‘In some cases intercalative ability has been confirmed with the ethidium displacement assay or viscometry.’
    • ‘This introduction to size exclusion/gel permeation chromatography emphasizes column selection, conventional calibration, molar mass sensitive detectors, light scattering, viscometry, and high throughput methods.’
    • ‘Our studies of BIA-DNA interactions by isothermal titration calorimetry and viscometry were not successful mainly because of insufficient solubility of the imidazoacridone compounds in water (data not shown).’