Definition of viscoelasticity in English:



mass nounPhysics
  • The property of a substance of exhibiting both elastic and viscous behaviour, the application of stress causing temporary deformation if the stress is quickly removed but permanent deformation if it is maintained.

    • ‘We measure no contribution from the cytokeratin network to viscoelasticity.’
    • ‘To reveal the origins of this mechanical response, we use a variety of pharmacological and immunological disruption techniques to alter the cytoplasmic structure, and measure the resultant change in viscoelasticity.’
    • ‘Indeed, several contributions have investigated the potential of phase imaging to detect variations in material properties such as adhesion, elasticity, and viscoelasticity, or to image samples with large vertical dimensions.’
    • ‘However, little is known about how these attributes vary with temperature, pressure and shear rate because these measurements are difficult to make for commercial lubricants that have weak viscoelasticity.’
    • ‘In comparison with rheological and theoretical studies on viscoelasticity of actin gels, the properties of orientational ordering of actin have been less studied, both theoretically and experimentally.’