Definition of virological in English:



  • See virology

    • ‘On 4 April specimens obtained by throat swab were sent for virological studies, but they were negative for respiratory viruses.’
    • ‘The aim of the present study was to assess whether short-term, high-dose antioxidant treatment might have effects on immunological and virological parameters in patients with HIV infection.’
    • ‘New treatments for influenza strengthen the case for improved virological surveillance to alert clinicians to the cause of influenza-like illness and for rapid diagnosis and appropriate treatment of individual cases.’
    • ‘As these eagerly awaited dengue vaccines enter clinical trial, I wonder just how well we know our virological enemy or how the viruses will behave when we start to use a vaccine.’
    • ‘As expected, an increasing proportion of individuals with HIV infection in the United Kingdom have been treated with antiretroviral therapy over time and, in line with this, their virological and immunological status has improved.’