Definition of virilocal in English:



  • another term for patrilocal
    • ‘Traditionally, marriage in the Baltic provinces was virilocal (meaning women moved away from their families to live in the husband's farmstead), and descent was traced patrilineally.’
    • ‘Payne asserts that residence in the Ernabella region of South Australia today is usually virilocal, that ‘residentially speaking a married woman is usually a relocated one’.’
    • ‘Patrilocal or virilocal residence rarely applies in urban areas, but most urban families have a smallholding that is the rural home of the husband and wife.’
    • ‘In the ideal case of virilocal marriage, local ideology holds that it is men who labor and women who consume, although as I've suggested this vision obscures the enormous amount of household labor that women do in fact perform.’
    • ‘The dominant residence pattern is virilocal, and marriages are frequently polygynous.’


1940s: from Latin virilis of a man + local.