Definition of viridian in English:



mass noun
  • 1A bluish-green pigment consisting of hydrated chromium hydroxide.

    • ‘Since the 1960s, Ram Kumar's paintings have opened out in sweeps of ochre, viridian and aquamarine, as he has mounted his contemplations of the cosmic cycle of creation, dissolution and regeneration.’
    • ‘The paintings of this third and continuing phase, elaborated in the artist's hallmark palette of ochre, ultramarine, sienna and viridian, carry a sharp whiff of pine from the Shivaliks, the Himalayan foothills.’
    • ‘The hard structural geometry is infused with organic colours such as terracotta, aquamarine, viridian and ochre; forms become intimate, as when the extreme-close-up of a façade appears as a microscopic view of algae.’
    • ‘The raucous viridian calls attention to the refined greenery of the garden, and in contrast the grave sound of the purplish nettles, in the foreground, orchestrate the simple poem.’
    • ‘In the 68-by - 45-inch oil on canvas Final Dance, fauvist dashes of vermilion, viridian, brown and black against a white ground form a skeletal stick figure with a ram's head.’
    1. 1.1 A bluish-green colour.


Late 19th century: from Latin viridis ‘green’ (from virere ‘be green’) + -ian.