Definition of Virginia opossum in English:

Virginia opossum


  • A cat-sized opossum with a greyish body and a white face, widespread throughout North and Central America.

    Didelphis virginiana, family Didelphidae

    • ‘I'm talking opossum here - Virginia opossum, to be precise, and Didelphis virginiana, to be specific.’
    • ‘And not all immune animals are runts - the Virginia opossum is shielded from 37 species of pit vipers, including all major North American rattlers.’
    • ‘The world's 270 marsupials mostly live in Australia, neighboring islands, and South America, with the exception of North America's Virginia opossum, a relatively recent immigrant.’
    • ‘Behavioral studies on the Virginia opossum indicated evidence for color vision.’
    • ‘Potential predators of parrot nests include snakes (Boa constrictor and Drymarchon corals], rats (Oryzomys couesi and Xenomys nelsoni), Virginia opossum, and white-nosed coati.’