Definition of Virginia creeper in English:

Virginia creeper


  • A North American vine which is chiefly cultivated for its red autumn foliage.

    Genus Parthenocissus, family Vitaceae: several species, in particular P. quinquefolia

    • ‘It is quite common to see houses covered in Virginia creeper, but its supporting structure is often completely inadequate.’
    • ‘Among the thousands of species he planted on LaGuardia Place are red and white oak, cedar, elm, birch, sassafras, dogwood, sumac, Virginia creeper and goldenrod.’
    • ‘Clematis and Virginia creeper also adorn the front of the house.’
    • ‘Along with the brash reds and oranges of Acers and Virginia creeper there is a plant which displays a charm of its own with delicate tiny bright yellow flowers which are just turning into seeds.’
    • ‘Some of the most popular berry-producing plants for bluebirds include blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, elderberry, bayberry, dogwood, juniper, Virginia creeper, sumac, pokeweed, mountain ash, and mistletoe.’
    • ‘Along with sassafras and other bushes, the understory is often thick with vines and brambles, including catbrier, Virginia creeper, poison ivy, and raccoon grape.’
    • ‘Because the canopy is relatively open here, the vegetation is often overgrown with rattan vine, greenbrier, wild grape, pepper vine, trumpet creeper, Virginia creeper, and poison ivy.’
    • ‘In summer, masses of lavender grow against the stable block, and a vigorous growth of Virginia creeper, wisteria, honeysuckle, and jasmine cling to the walls.’
    • ‘He crossed the Atlantic three times to bring back the pineapple, the yucca, and the scarlet runner bean, along with the Virginia creeper whose green leaves go flame red in autumn.’
    • ‘The vegetation varies, from beach grass and Virginia creeper stabilizing the dunes to eastern red cedar and even prickly pear.’
    • ‘Mature Himalayan birch trees and Virginia creeper soften the austerity of the brick walls.’
    • ‘When it comes to fiery fall foliage, Virginia creeper puts on a show that's unsurpassed by other deciduous vines.’
    • ‘But I think the international players find Wimbledon, with the old Virginia creeper and all the very British bits that go with it, so different.’
    • ‘Ornamental plants related to the grapevine include the Virginia creeper in the US and Europe, the kangaroo vine in Australia, and Japanese ivy and Crimson Glory in Japan.’
    • ‘The Professor, with shotgun to shoulder, fired into a Virginia creeper that covered part of the front of the Medical Building.’
    • ‘The Virginia creeper covered three storied terraced houses adjacent offers a gentler façade.’
    • ‘If you want autumnal fireworks, a Virginia creeper will provide them.’
    • ‘McGuirk has planted the back wall with Virginia creeper, which should look spectacular next autumn when it turns brilliant red.’
    • ‘The house stands partially covered with Virginia creeper, a monument to its builders.’
    • ‘Flea beetles also feed on many nongarden plants, including Virginia creeper, pokeweed, horse nettle, pigweed and wild mustard family plants.’


Virginia creeper