Definition of viperous in English:



  • See viper

    • ‘It was a peaceful town till about a year ago when some viperous barbarian started slaughtering folks.’
    • ‘My viperous tongue had nearly destroyed me again.’
    • ‘When the Commission finds in her husband's favour, she has to watch her poisoner pardoned, freed and fêted as a popular celebrity, while she faces an increasingly viperous press, and is jeered at and spat on in the streets.’
    • ‘His wife is a thin, choleric, nervous woman who, as well as having an unbearably shrill voice, strong lungs, a finely drawn nose and a viperous tongue suffers from an uncontrollable temper and the personality of a lion tamer.’
    • ‘Now we face the least appealing of the evening's ever-shifting alternatives - marching eight miles through viperous wastes, past a frontier checkpoint, to the nearest outpost of the border patrol.’