Definition of viper's bugloss in English:

viper's bugloss


  • A bristly Eurasian plant of the borage family, with pink buds which open to blue flowers. It was formerly used in the treatment of snake bites.

    Echium vulgare, family Boraginaceae

    • ‘Flowers suitable for the less formal border are harebell, foxglove, ox-eye daisy, toadflax, alpine, autumn and field gentians, cranesbill, forget-me-not, and viper's bugloss.’
    • ‘I'd read about viper's bugloss, but I didn't know what it looked like, so I looked it up first in my herb books and then in a wildflower book…’
    • ‘On the picnic table, Angela had arranged a vase of wildflowers picked by the road, which she now identified for me: viper's bugloss, butter-and-eggs, oxeye daisy.’
    • ‘The larva feeds on the flowers and leaves of viper's bugloss, Symphytum or other Boraginaceae, pupating in a dead stem or rotten wood.’