Definition of violone in English:



  • An early form of double bass, especially a large bass viol.

    • ‘There are six violins, one viola, two cellos, one ‘violoncello piccolo,’ and one violone.’
    • ‘It is written in four-stave systems (the continuo is partially figured) and, interestingly, lacks both a viola part and a separate part for the violone.’
    • ‘Contrary to popular belief his op. 5 sonatas are not solo works but duos for violin and violone, which, like the opp. 2 and 4 dance suites, require no keyboard accompaniment.’
    • ‘The performers here, being very good baroque musicians indeed, have deployed a variety of continuo combinations: harpsichord or lute with violone, gamba, double bass or bassoon.’
    • ‘Further unity is provided by the fact that both composers notate the detailed division of the continuo material with unusual precision, distinguishing the violone from the keyboard and cello continuo.’


Italian, augmentative of viola (see viola).