Definition of violet-ear in English:



  • A tropical American hummingbird with green or brown plumage and a glittering purple patch behind each eye.

    Genus Colibri, family Trochilidae: four species

    • ‘While some species of hummingbirds are known to sing - and Anna's, green violet-ear, and sparkling violet-ear hummingbirds appear to learn - we found that very little had been written about the sounds of blue-throated hummingbirds.’
    • ‘This is the largest hummer at the feeders, and it's easily recognized as a violet-ear by its bluish-green color and blue-violet ears.’
    • ‘Hummingbirds, with names like green hermits, green violet-ears, and amethyst-throated sunangels, whir and dart from vine flower to orchid.’
    • ‘According to reports, male sparkling violet-ears were seen twice caring for their young.’
    • ‘There, reports of such exotically-named feathered gems as green-breasted mangos, green violet-ears, Lucifer hummingbirds, and violet-crowned hummingbirds draw the attention of enthusiasts.’