Definition of violation in English:



mass noun
  • The action of violating someone or something.

    ‘the aircraft were in violation of UN resolutions’
    count noun ‘flagrant violations of normal democratic procedure’
    • ‘This double standard, this sheer violation of humane principles must be stopped.’
    • ‘She wants to tackle the decision to dump her from the membership list as a human rights violation.’
    • ‘It's clear that most of the recordings were being distributed in violation of copyright laws.’
    • ‘The Court held, however, that on the facts of this case there was no violation.’
    • ‘Last year we were blacklisted over copyright violation over a treaty that we signed.’
    • ‘More recent cases have evinced a less restrictive interpretation of the term flagrant violation.’
    • ‘The two women were brought to the police station at night, in flagrant violation of rules.’
    • ‘I think though that the real issue is one about violation of trust and violation of safety.’
    • ‘We need a government who can control the law and order and curtail violation of human rights.’
    • ‘You may not export the product in violation of applicable export laws and regulations.’
    • ‘In a savagely comic scene, Vera grapples with how this violation has left her feeling.’
    • ‘That seems to be our response to any violation of traffic rules that slows us down.’
    • ‘I myself am shocked, sickened and outraged by this violation of our baby's grave.’
    • ‘Except for this violation of safety and common sense, Oliver had a spotless record.’
    • ‘Anyone whose home has been burgled knows the feeling of violation that follows.’
    • ‘Once this is done, any violation of the norms by vendors can be met with penal measures.’
    • ‘He said a definite message had been sent out that no human rights violation would be tolerated.’
    • ‘Put simply, the government was in violation of its own standards and knew it would cause injury to these men.’
    • ‘Two men and two women have been questioned over trademark violation and benefits fraud allegations.’
    • ‘Every violation of the law is damaging to the good order and expectations of society.’
    contravention, breach, infringement, infraction, breaking, transgression, non-observance, lack of compliance with, disobeying, disobedience, defiance, defying, flouting, flying in the face of, rebelling against
    invasion, interruption, breach, infraction
    rape, sexual assault, indecent assault, sexual abuse, abuse, molestation, molesting, interference, interfering, seduction, seducing
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