Definition of vinyl in English:



  • 1[mass noun] Synthetic resin or plastic consisting of polyvinyl chloride or a related polymer, used for wallpapers and other covering materials and for gramophone records:

    ‘the vinyl is cut to size with a craft knife’
    [as modifier] ‘vinyl floor tiles’
    • ‘They are really nice cars now; new coats of paint, pulsing neon lights, tented windows, colored head and tale lights, hydraulics, spinners, and custom vinyls.’
    • ‘Natural or synthetic rubber, vinyl, or plastic gloves are a very important way to keep pesticides away from your skin.’
    • ‘The chessboard and its pieces come in an array of styles and materials, from plastic and vinyl to marble and oak.’
    • ‘This cloth can be fashioned from a variety of materials, including white vinyl or plastic.’
    • ‘Manufacturers of organic cotton bedding note that their products are free of the formaldehyde, vinyls and plastics, foam, and other chemical residues found in conventional cotton bedding.’
    • ‘It is present in older vinyl floor coverings and mats for stoves and ironing boards.’
    • ‘They include colour coordination and design of kitchens and bathrooms, interior design consultancy services, a snagging service, supply and fitting of carpet and vinyls and referrals to letting agencies and management companies.’
    • ‘Examples of interior materials to avoid are vinyl and foil wall coverings, which create an unwanted vapor barrier on perimeter walls.’
    • ‘These repair techniques can be used on vinyl tiles, vinyl sheet floor covering or linoleum.’
    • ‘These leach from glues, paints, vinyls and plastics in the passenger compartment.’
    • ‘Today the Yamuna is a mass of vinyls, cynides, zincs, mercury, lead, flyash, waste oil, fecal coliform and pathogens.’
    • ‘The worst environment for mites is a well-scrubbed home with hardwood floors and vinyl or leather furniture.’
    • ‘A leather shortage and the space age craze inspired shoe construction in new materials such as vinyl and plastic.’
    • ‘To keep the stems standing straight, slip them into clear plastic drinking straws or vinyl tubing.’
    • ‘I see vinyls coming back in a big way because most people cannot perceive the difference between vinyl and some leathers.’
    • ‘Installing vinyl or wood tile floor can be very beneficial and cost efficient.’
    • ‘It's for a printing workshop doing screens, vinyls, trophies - the whole lot basically.’
    • ‘When vinyls came along traditional signwriting was virtually finished.’
    • ‘There is plumbing for a dishwasher, vinyl flooring and partly tiled walls, while off the kitchen is a good-sized utility room plumbed for a washing machine.’
    • ‘Wear rubber, vinyl, or plastic gloves when handling severely contaminated clothing.’
    1. 1.1 Vinyl used as the standard material for records:
      ‘fans had to wait almost a year before the song eventually appeared on vinyl’
      • ‘This extends to cassette, vinyl, DVD, books and compact discs - assorted clothing is also available.’
      • ‘Music has been a passion of mine since my early teens and over the past twenty-five years I've amassed a sizeable collection of vinyl, tape, CDs and digital media.’
      • ‘The ability to mix and match tracks in playlists unconstrained by the limitations of vinyl records or CDs could undermine the notion of the album as a coherent collection of music.’
      • ‘If you can tell the miniscule difference in quality between a CD and vinyl record, you should be making CDs, not buying them.’
      • ‘There are several nooks in the room which contain several artefacts from a long time ago: Betamax tapes, cassette music tapes, and vinyl records.’
      • ‘Stacked against low wood tables and wood cabinets stuffed with old vinyl records are newly framed paintings waiting to be carted off to the National Museum.’
      • ‘Entertainment industry experts say CDs and DVDs will soon go the way of vinyl records and eight-track tapes.’
      • ‘The story began back in 1994, just as the dominance of the compact disc was filling charity shops with yet more unwanted vinyl record collections.’
      • ‘Can MP3 really send CDs to the same dusty bin as vinyl records and cassettes?’
      • ‘Various readers contribute to a useful discussion on how to record vinyl to a digital format properly, which is something I should do with all those old records someday.’
      • ‘His lifelong dream was to record some songs on vinyl - that era passed - and then on tape - but that era passed too.’
      • ‘For the music collector there is a large selection of original vinyl albums and singles, including imported and exported material.’
      • ‘She moved into an apartment near Nice and stared at the sea, talked to the cat, bought herself a set of decks and dusted down some old vinyl records she hadn't played for a decade.’
      • ‘Add to that the fact that this year, I spent most of my disposable income on vinyls of old music I never owned or knew before, which pushed the new records a bit aside… but I'll get to them somehow.’
      • ‘Sequins, wool, glitter, photographs, lace, collage, clothing and even vinyl records have been used to decorate the figures.’
      • ‘In his case this meant obscure and crackly old vinyl records from his own collection, which he would selectively sample then take the results and patch them together to make his own songs.’
      • ‘He is also something of a music historian, with a mind-boggling collection of more than 30,000 records on vinyl alone.’
      • ‘It traded for many years in buying and selling old vinyl records, with a huge and interesting selection of LP's always in stock.’
      • ‘It is a recording studio not open to the public, but its unique circular design looks like a stack of old 45 rpm vinyl records.’
      • ‘Releasing our record on vinyl was something we wanted to do, but never did.’
  • 2Chemistry
    [as modifier] Of or denoting the unsaturated hydrocarbon radical —CH=CH2, derived from ethylene by removal of a hydrogen atom:

    ‘a vinyl group’
    • ‘The petrochemical plant produces caustic soda, ethylene dichloride and vinyl cholirede monomer.’
    • ‘BAV1 is an anaerobic soil microbe that uses vinyl chloride, dichloroethanes or vinyl bromide as electron acceptors in its metabolism.’
    • ‘Thermoplastic olefin was considered instead of the vinyl substrate covering.’
    • ‘The system that we study here is similar to that used in the initiation of vinyl free-radical polymerization.’
    • ‘The vinyl methyl and the gem dimethyl groups are reversed in the mirror image forms.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin vinum wine + -yl.