Definition of vintage port in English:

vintage port


mass noun
  • Port of special quality, all of one year, which is bottled early and aged in the bottle.

    • ‘‘Value for money per vintage port is fantastic,’ according to one London-based wine merchant.’
    • ‘With the fruit tart, the tasting concluded with four dessert wines, including a vintage port.’
    • ‘I stocked the larder with bottles of vintage port that almost bankrupted me.’
    • ‘The greatest vintage ports are not found in ordinary shops.’
    • ‘Madeira keeps for a very long time, and port should last well enough for a few weeks in the fridge (though vintage port should be drunk within two or three days, not frittered away in a frying pan).’
    • ‘And if you want to gild the lily, a ruby or vintage port, or perhaps a black Muscat dessert wine, makes for a lovely accompaniment.’
    • ‘We have no hobbies, apart from my love of books and collecting vintage port (I never drink it).’
    • ‘This port is put into wooden port barrels or pipes, but instead of just two years in oak as in the case of a declared vintage port, it spends four to six years in barrel.’
    • ‘Let's face it, you don't have to be a top sommelier to recognise pairings from hell: red Bordeaux with lemon tart, Botrytis Riesling with kidneys, or vintage port with oysters, for instance.’
    • ‘Adjoining Le Champagne, the Humidor is a clubby roost for after-dinner cigars, vintage ports, and cognacs.’
    • ‘On the palate there is a rich, sickly sweet flavour rather akin to medicine but more like a blend of a searingly young vintage port and a cooking sherry with a horribly cloying aftertaste.’
    • ‘He will toast the new era in home brew, a drop of malt whisky and maybe even a glass of vintage port.’
    • ‘With cooler weather not that far over the horizon, it may eventually get cool enough to enjoy vintage port.’
    • ‘Mature single quinta port, the closest thing to vintage port, at a bargain price’
    • ‘They are the reason that people love lager, Sauvignon Blanc and vintage port, and they are at their most lavish in the svelte hedonism of the best Pinot Noir.’
    • ‘The fruit in these vines has been the bedrock of beautiful vintage ports for 200 years.’
    • ‘In particularly good years (usually two or three per decade) a ‘vintage’ year is declared and a vintage port is released.’
    • ‘In the real world, most men do not retire to the drawing room of their country house of an evening with a drop of vintage port taken from their large cellar and a selection of imported cheeses delivered on bone china by their housekeeper.’
    • ‘He insists you should have consumed a bottle of vintage port before you start.’
    • ‘In the cheese and vintage port hamper there is a lovely wooden cheese board, the top of which slides over to reveal a hidden compartment with four cheese slicers and servers.’