Definition of vinous in English:



  • 1Resembling, associated with, or fond of wine.

    ‘a vinous smell’
    • ‘The oldest name in vinous Australia, the Barossa Valley, is home to many producers, controlling one-quarter of total Australian production.’
    • ‘Instead, I embarked on a vinous calling to seek out and taste the great wines of Burgundy and the sublime but tantalising magic of the Pinot Noir grape.’
    • ‘The whisky flavour and aroma wheel, cataloguing the many different scents and tastes good malt whisky delivers, was invented years before the vinous equivalent.’
    • ‘This is not to say that Cabernet Sauvignon is always the antidote to vinous boredom.’
    • ‘This Harvest Ale has a vinous character; it's sweet, rich, and high in alcohol.’
    • ‘But I sense a greater spirit of vinous experimentation afoot.’
    • ‘Want to know what's rowing the vinous boat for both my customers and myself in 2005?’
    • ‘It should be no shock that wines produced in Napa, Maremma, and Pomerol can be difficult to tell apart - the owners belong to the same vinous country club.’
    • ‘He likes rosé wines and, horror of all possible vinous horrors, has been known to drink a glass of ‘white’ Zinfandel.’
    • ‘The choices are spread across vinous borders with no bias other than great wine at a fair price. It is obvious that each wine has been hand-picked to deliver maximum value as there are no dogs on this list.’
    • ‘Before you dismiss me as a vinous elitist with more dosh than brain cells, let me ask you a couple of questions.’
    • ‘It sounds to me like the vinous equivalent of ‘teaching for the test,’ a phenomenon now rampant in American public schools as they aim to show improvements in standardized test scores.’
    • ‘In the wine world we are starting to see the vinous equivalent - wines where a lot of work went into the packaging but not the product.’
    • ‘Sure, we may not have the privilege of a vinous climate, but this country can make beer, the way Belgium can.’
    • ‘His interest in things vinous really took off when he started to play for England, courtesy of an indulgent waiter at the Petersham hotel in Richmond, the team's London headquarters.’
    • ‘It's true potential, however, has always been there and recently it has begun to be realised in yet another vinous renaissance!’
    • ‘But when his Italian wine ran out, the French Foreign Legion played the role of vinous seventh cavalry. ‘They got a ration of half a litre of Bordeaux a day, so we bought some wine from them.’’
    alcoholic, intoxicating, inebriating, hard, heady, potent, stiff, spirituous, intoxicant
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    1. 1.1literary Resembling red wine in colour.
      ‘a wood pigeon with vinous underparts’
      • ‘Water boiled on this paper acquired a vinous red colour’
      • ‘He was a stout man, of a vinous complexion, with what I should call here, where our speech is mostly uncouth, an educated accent’


Late Middle English: from Latin vinum ‘wine’ + -ous.