Definition of vindictiveness in English:



  • See vindictive

    • ‘A whole folklore exists about the humiliations, petty vindictiveness, fights and resentments associated with involuntary communal living.’
    • ‘Academy supporters see these criticisms as veiled attacks on purely personal grounds, and note the vindictiveness and spleen with which many of these critiques are framed.’
    • ‘These threats have all the vindictiveness and crankiness of hate mail, and they had their effect.’
    • ‘I beg the indulgence of those to whom I gave offence by my words and deeds, and I ask God to free me from all thoughts of bitterness or vindictiveness directed at those with whom I have had quarrels or disagreements.’
    • ‘In the prime minister's words, the minister had also resigned with his integrity intact, seemingly the victim of vindictiveness and his own generosity of spirit.’
    • ‘Another subscriber writes: Hinch's crime was vindictiveness.’
    • ‘Yet vindictiveness is too simple a solution for such a complicated person.’
    • ‘But in the end his chances depend less on the vindictiveness of a handful of enemies than on the gratitude of thousands of players and former players.’
    • ‘This is a policy founded on spite and vindictiveness.’
    • ‘I made mistakes in attempting to change too much too soon, but I still do not believe that I should have faced such vindictiveness as the local paper asking fans to vote in a phone poll over whether I should be given time or turfed out.’
    • ‘But to be hung, drawn and quartered for the freedom of speech our troops were supposed to be fighting for, just smacks of vindictiveness.’
    • ‘For some reason they have also chosen to crank the thumbscrews with an added splash of vindictiveness.’
    • ‘Cruelty, hatred, vindictiveness, they are the enemy, and we're all on the same side.’
    • ‘The truth is I am perfectly happy with the way everything is moving along except for the sheer bloody-minded vindictiveness of the local newspaper.’
    • ‘What ignorance, stupidity and sheer vindictiveness.’
    • ‘‘Venom, vindictiveness, viciousness - that's what this case is about,’ Gunter told the jury.’
    • ‘He does not tend toward vindictiveness or in-your-face triumphalism.’
    • ‘It is very sad to observe two obviously intelligent men being reduced to mere farce by bitterness and vindictiveness.’
    • ‘As for the magistrates, they have demonstrated either an amazing lack of imagination and intelligence or, more worryingly, vindictiveness.’
    • ‘At some point, spying, vindictiveness, cruelty, manipulation, and rudeness turn against the one dishing those things out.’