Definition of vindicable in English:



  • See vindicate

    • ‘By ‘judicially vindicable rights,’ I assume Matt means individual rights, for otherwise states could claim they had rights under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.’
    • ‘So far the doctrine of equal rights, is vindicable.’
    • ‘The right to be sued only in a particular forum, as compared to the right to avoid suit altogether, although not perfectly secured by an appeal after final judgment, is sufficiently vindicable at that stage and is not essentially destroyed if vindication is postponed until trial is completed.’
    • ‘The outward-looking inquiry then asks whether personal property can be contemplated as a sub-category of the law of things and, more particularly, as the law of all things locatable in space, alienable, or vindicable in court.’
    • ‘By no means, say I. It is perfectly vindicable orthography.’