Definition of Vincentian in English:



  • another name for Lazarist
    • ‘A Mission will be conducted by the Vincentian Fathers Dublin in this parish from Saturday, September 21, to Saturday, September 28, inclusive.’
    • ‘The long snake of my entire school was led through the little streets of Armagh to the local picture house, with Vincentians like blackbirds herding us front and back.’
    • ‘He later became a Vincentian, then Rector of the Irish College in Paris.’
    • ‘The De Paul Trust which is a branch of the Vincentians of Ireland, England and Scotland, has worked for several years in England with young rough sleepers who are often drug users and who are often mentally ill as well.’
    • ‘He is no doubt well aware that the Vincentian canon does not mean that there was ever a time when every single Christian or group of Christians believed exactly the same thing about everything.’
    • ‘The recent pilgrimage was part of the annual outing for all Vincentians.’
    • ‘The Vincentian Pilgrimages takes place to Knock Shrine on Saturday while the Bus Eireann Staff Pilgrimage will be held on Sunday 14th.’
    • ‘The lady is a St Vincent de Paul volunteer, or Vincentian, and each Christmas she cooks dinner for the children and brings them Santa presents at 9pm.’
    • ‘She also taught at the Vincentian Seminary in Montebello.’
    • ‘First he refers to them as Franciscans, and the next time he calls them Vincentians.’