Definition of vinaceous in English:



  • Of the colour of red wine.

    • ‘Morphological mutants were grouped in a class with yellow conidia and other with pale vinaceous conidia as opposed to the green wild type conidia.’
    • ‘The effects of sympatric occurrence on the territorial vocalizations of the vinaceous dove Streptopelia vinacea and the ring-necked dove S. capicola.’
    • ‘The breast is brown with some vinaceous color but duller than the back.’
    • ‘Its spores are vinaceous pink to purple brown or chocolate in the mass; they are fusiform-amygdaloid and show a certain amount of compression.’
    • ‘He waited until she was out of breath and the collar of her shirt was vinaceous with blood, and politely offered help.’


Late 17th century: from Latin vinaceus (from vinum ‘wine’) + -ous.