Definition of vin jaune in English:

vin jaune


mass noun
  • A strong yellowish white wine made in the Jura region of eastern France.

    • ‘The appellation produces a wide variety of wines including red, rosé, and white wines, sparkling wines, sweet vins de pailles and of course the distinctive vins jaunes.’
    • ‘Film-forming yeasts perform a vital function in the production of wines such as flor sherry, vin jaune, and Tokaji’
    • ‘The vin jaune gives the sauce a distinctive, underlying taste that is hard to duplicate with other wines.’
    • ‘The onions and nuts in caramel highlight its sweetness, the endives offer a contrasting texture, the vin jaune added to sea bass fumet punctuates the different tones of sweetness in the dish.’
    • ‘Tip: buy a bottle of vin jaune in a wine shop or supermarket and try it on its own.’
    • ‘The region's most profound wine, vin jaune, or yellow wine, is hard to find in the United States.’
    • ‘In Franche-Comté the bird is simmered in vin jaune; and in Alsace in Riesling.’
    • ‘Jura wines have their own special characteristics, especially the most outstanding one, the mysterious vin jaune’
    • ‘Luckily for me and his other friends, he brings back Jura wines - especially macvin and micro-cuvée vins jaunes - that are never imported into Quebec.’


French, literally ‘yellow wine’.


vin jaune

/vã ˈʒəʊn/