Definition of vin de table in English:

vin de table


mass noun
  • French table wine of reasonable quality, suitable for accompanying a meal.

    • ‘While making up our minds, we ordered a 500 ml carafe of the house red, which was a Roncier vin de table.’
    • ‘To increase the quality across the board for Burgundy there should be a similar compulsory system, where the wines that fail to meet the standards are downgraded to vin de table status.’
    • ‘What I try to avoid is mass-produced bottom-of-the-barrel troisième cru vin de table distilled from grapes grown in a soil unsuitable for the Chardonnay grape being passed off as potable.’
    • ‘Our table was groaning with plates of meze and dressed with chilled bottles of Villa Doluca (the ubiquitous vin de table of Turkey).’
    • ‘And when she arrived, it was in a flurry of activity and with a whiff of vin de table which was evident to anybody within a 10-yard radius.’
    • ‘In reality, Vin de Pays is the second tier of the French quality hierarchy and the category just above basic vin de table.’
    • ‘Monsieur and Madame Ginola were not fine wine collectors. ‘They didn't have much money, but the cellar was always full of vins de table,’ their son recalls.’


French, literally ‘table wine’.


vin de table

/ˌvã də ˈtɑːbl(ə)/