Definition of vin de pays in English:

vin de pays

(also vin du pays)


mass noun
  • French wine produced in a particular area and meeting certain standards of quality, superior to vin de table.

    • ‘The French vin de pays section is very strong and there is a fine port selection.’
    • ‘By 1997 vins de pays constituted 27 per cent of all French wine produced and the long-term aim is to upgrade even more of the production of the vast Languedoc-Roussillon regions from vin de table to vin de pays.’
    • ‘Near Lannes, a little further south, is the Domaine de Cazeaux, stately home of Eric Kauffer, who produces Armagnac, vin de pays de l' Agenais and Floc de Gascogne, his own invention, an aperitif made from Armagnac and wine.’
    • ‘Not only famous for being the Oc in vin de pays d' Oc, the area in the south-west of France also has some good, relatively inexpensive appellations.’
    • ‘Some of these locally specific vins de pays names are virtually unused, some of the smaller ones have been developed as commercially useful exclusivities by individual merchants, and many of them are unknown outside their district of origin.’


French, literally ‘wine of the region’.


vin de pays

/ˌvã də peɪˈiː/