Definition of villancico in English:


nounPlural villancicos

  • A form of Spanish and Portuguese song with short stanzas and a refrain, originally a folk song, later used in sacred music, and now especially as a Christmas carol.

    • ‘Later in this villancico, the tempo increases, percussion is added, and the guitar is strummed with joyful roughness - who wouldn't want to dance, hearing this?’
    • ‘Poets like Israel Najara composed a wealth of Hebrew hymns, some of which fit the tunes of well-known romances, villancicos, or oriental songs.’
    • ‘In the same composer's villancico Levanta, Pascual, levanta, the fast tempo underscores the hasty decision of two friends to go to Granada because ‘the word is that it has fallen.’’


Spanish, diminutive of villano ‘peasant’.