Definition of villagey in English:



  • See village

    • ‘In minutes, you could walk from the villagey downtown onto trails that switchbacked up the San Jacinto Mountains to palm oases and towering waterfalls hidden in canyons.’
    • ‘And on its heights is a village far more villagey than any real village.’
    • ‘It's still quite a villagey atmosphere around here.’
    • ‘It has a villagey feel, he says, with its mix of pretty Victorian terraces and neat council homes with communal gardens; its primary school at one end and pub and a club at the other.’
    • ‘The West End was great but very villagey, I couldn't pop out to the shop without meeting someone I knew - and when you work in clubs it is important to have some time out from all that constant networking.’
    • ‘This lasted for nearly an hour but the mood was good-humoured, villagey, you felt you knew everybody and they knew you.’