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  • 1(especially in continental Europe) a large and luxurious country house in its own grounds.

    • ‘The dominant element of this period in Shanghai's history was fashion and hedonism, and many of the villas had swimming pools, tennis courts and billiard rooms; some had music rooms and ballrooms.’
    • ‘The languid novel follows a fantastically rich American couple who hold court in villas across Europe.’
    • ‘It is, for all practical purposes, a modern city with all the amenities, including high-rise offices, expensive villas, restaurants, and cinemas.’
    • ‘Currently, Boyle lives in a luxurious villa in Cap d' Antibes, an exclusive enclave on the French Riviera between Nice and Cannes.’
    • ‘The two men were found in a luxurious villa on the west bank of the River Euphrates where a deadly AK47 pistol was also discovered.’
    • ‘While Ursula travels from the train station to their villa, Lamberto - a local young stud - steals a ride in her car.’
    • ‘The villa consisted of extensive grounds, a manor house and outbuildings.’
    • ‘Apartment complexes and luxurious villas testify to the domestic lives of the inhabitants.’
    • ‘The villa and its grounds had attracted no other wayfarers; the ruined stables would be comfortable enough.’
    • ‘It boasts fine restaurants, immaculate hotels and glitzy bars amidst its colonial villas and venerable pagodas.’
    • ‘I am staying at the exclusive marina of Port St Charles, on the west of the island, a coastline characterised by grand hotels, substantial villas and private mansions.’
    • ‘Blair flew off to a luxury villa at the New Tower hotel complex overlooking the Red Sea.’
    • ‘They made fun of the capitalist system while the élite lived in these luxurious villas and ate the best.’
    • ‘He has six villas in Europe, including one in Geneva, and two more in Russia and China.’
    • ‘Developers have taken leases on the Grenadines for centuries; it is just that they planted Mustique with luxurious villas rather than with the cotton or sugar of times past.’
    • ‘Near the grounds of their summer villa at Ramon was a small village called Olgino.’
    • ‘A small group continued to meet in the villa next to the chapel, and some of these people are believed to have emigrated to Australia.’
    • ‘The pictures were painted at the Hoods' luxurious four-bedroom villa in the French village of Opio in Provence last summer.’
    • ‘Several hours surfing later and Paul had located a luxurious villa, not quite in Japan, but just an hour's time difference away.’
    • ‘It contains substantial villas set within landscaped grounds and a number of mature forest trees which provide a green backdrop.’
    • ‘In towns and cities, housing ranges from European-style villas to make-shift huts and lean-tos (rakuba).’
    1. 1.1British A detached or semi-detached house in a residential district, typically one that is Victorian or Edwardian in style.
      in place names ‘Madison Villas’
      • ‘Westfield Gardens, on the town's Glasgow Road, will form a small self-contained development of 26 detached villas.’
      • ‘Then it is the grand Edwardian houses, Victorian villas, Regency and Georgian buildings, all culminating at one of the medieval city gates or bars.’
      • ‘Semi-detached villas are priced from €403,000 for two-bed houses to €530,000 for three-bed houses.’
      • ‘This is a marginal increase compared to other parts of the city, such as the suburbs where detached and semi-detached villas have seen annual increases of over 23% on average.’
      • ‘From the manicured lawns of the Victorian villas to the trimmed hedges of the freshly painted council houses, Beauly epitomises the word ‘tidy’.’
      • ‘The design brief includes 700 homes, ranging from sheltered housing to luxury villas, several shops and a surgery and health centre.’
      • ‘The property, which sits among the substantial Victorian villas of Helensburgh's desirable upper west end, is laid out over two floors and sits on approximately half an acre of land.’
      • ‘The architectural style and character of the area, as well as the design of the Edwardian and Victorian villas impressed the borough's Conservation Area Committee in July.’
      • ‘The five-bedroom homes are spacious detached villas.’
      • ‘There, to the side of the conservation area of elegant Victorian villas, lie the town's large housing estates whose social statistics read like an index of deprivation.’
      • ‘However, by doing so, they may miss the many other parts of the city, particularly in the south side, where there are fine Victorian villas, equally attractive but in many cases less expensive.’
      • ‘Residential accommodation includes property in a range of different styles from neo-gothic villas to post-modernist penthouses.’
      • ‘She also hopes to have more of the town's Victorian villas and Arts and Crafts Movement houses protected.’
      • ‘In Aberdeen, Rubislaw Den South is the city's most expensive address with its 68 granite-built Victorian villas.’
      • ‘The proposed site will house 900 residents in converted student accommodation, terraced houses and semi-detached villas spread out across newly landscaped gardens.’
      • ‘Having suffered years of neglect, the Victorian villa they had chosen was in need of complete overhaul.’
      • ‘There are 84 volunteers, aged between 21 and 80, who work shifts at the branch housed in a Victorian villa off Manningham Lane.’
      • ‘This is a Victorian villa style residence with two self contained garden apartments to the rear.’
      • ‘Known as ‘Holme Mead’ it comprised an Edwardian villa with stables and several outbuildings.’
      • ‘Two were in Victorian villas with French windows opening out onto small balconies that overlook the ice-cream vans, pebbly beaches and chilly blue waves of the town's seafront.’
      small house, house, bungalow, lodge, chalet, cabin, shack, shanty
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    2. 1.2British A rented holiday home abroad.
      • ‘The resort includes villas, a swimming pool, a desert-style golf course, and a spa.’
      • ‘With no coaches to take them to their resorts from airports on the Spanish islands, many have had to queue for hours for overstretched taxi services to hotels, villas and apartments.’
      • ‘But wait a minute… didn't someone at work go to Florida last year and stay in a luxurious rental villa?’
      • ‘The resort features elegant cliffside villas, wooden cottages and specialized camping platforms which allow visitors to enjoy real outdoor living.’
      • ‘During spring and summer, villas in Europe will be very popular, says Stuart Douglas-Lee of Abercrombie & Kent.’
      • ‘Nudist resorts run the gamut from modest camping grounds to luxury villas with posh amenities.’
      • ‘New tower blocks and luxury villas are sprouting just as demand for them has started easing, analysts said.’
      • ‘Hotels, villas and restaurants ready to accommodate holidaymakers have sprouted in profusion on the mountainside.’
      • ‘There is a range of accommodation on the resort itself, from the five-star hotel to self-catering villas and apartments.’
      • ‘Mauritius built its name around luxury hotels, many of which have one or more private villas in their grounds, offering a combination of home living and hotel services.’
      • ‘The resort will also consist of apartments and villas surrounding a marina, and with restaurants, shops, casino, swimming pool complex and promenade.’
      • ‘New developments, apartments, balconied villas, shops and restaurants are springing up everywhere.’
      • ‘The full desiderata of resort luxury is here, including huge seafront grounds private villas and fine dining - not to mention a spa where the healing hands are exceptional.’
      • ‘Kuredu is one of the largest in the northern atoll, with accommodation for about 700; a mixture of beach bungalows, and luxurious water villas on stilts, all boldly aimed at those who've just tied the knot.’
      • ‘Hotel rooms and villas at the resort range from $917 to $4,179 per week, so it's a little steep for budget travelers.’
      • ‘The wedding market in Bali is booming, with wedding organizers, villas, restaurants and even five-star hotels catering to the practical demands of love.’
      • ‘A plethora of restaurants, hotels, villas and resorts are located in Ubud and cooking classes are available to tourists.’
      • ‘If you really want to stay in grand style, or if you are travelling with a gaggle of friends or family members, rent one of the privately owned Spanish-style villas within the hotel grounds.’
      • ‘The whole resort featured 156 luxurious Malaysian-style villas, with various suites and estates scattered amidst the lush rainforest, white beaches and rocky headlands.’
      • ‘Clustered around the spa, each of the 20 luxurious spa water villas is a heavenly retreat.’
  • 2A large country house of Roman times, having an estate and consisting of farm and residential buildings arranged around a courtyard.

    • ‘He therefore influenced all succeeding generations of archaeologists whose interests centred on the Roman period, especially the Roman villa.’
    • ‘In written Roman sources a villa is usually the seaside or country estate of a wealthy member of the urban elite.’
    • ‘Roman cities, villas and forts were built in what were considered healthy places.’
    • ‘In Lombardy, only twelve of the seventy villas and farms registered in the first century still existed in the fifth century, and seventeen were reused until the sixth century.’
    • ‘Pudentilla, however, would not be dissuaded from the decision she had made, and two months later she and Apuleius were married at her country villa.’
    • ‘He spent much of his time at a villa near his birthplace, living the life of a Roman country noble.’
    • ‘It still looks eerily like what it is - a city abandoned, with its theatres, villas, bathhouses, temples, brothels, squares and markets all laid out like architectural organs after an autopsy.’
    • ‘It was one of the latest finds at a site that had been a Roman villa estate, and previously a middle and late Iron Age farmstead.’
    • ‘After that I worked on a Roman villa, a Mesolithic settlement, a Medieval settlement and within a Saxon Abbey precinct - all by the age of 17!’
    • ‘Roman entertainment, like Roman roads, Roman baths, Roman villas etc, is etched in people's minds today as a result of recent films.’
    • ‘There is a chance to donate to the Silver Jubilee appeal by going to a talk at the school about the excavations which unearthed the Roman villa in the school grounds.’
    • ‘In Roman times the Chilterns in particular were dotted with well-appointed villas and farms reflecting the agricultural wealth of the area.’
    • ‘Clay tiles were key components of a Roman villa, different types being made for roof, floor and heating system.’
    • ‘More than a dozen previously unknown Iron Age or Romano-British settlements and three possible Roman villa estates were found.’
    • ‘No other burials were found, and the surrounding network of small rectangular enclosures of Roman date suggests the site lay on a villa estate.’
    • ‘In 1961 a trial excavation took place and what was essentially a complete Roman villa was found.’
    • ‘A mosaic at the Roman villa of Fishbourne, first occupied in AD 43’
    • ‘At the same time, we move further away from the great villas and estates of the Roman world and closer to the family farms of the Middle Ages.’
    • ‘In Dorset, archaeologists are appealing for funds to record a Roman villa with mosaics, close to the site of the unique Hinton St Mary Christian mosaic.’
    • ‘Although there was a Roman villa near the northern boundary of what became Ipswich and a Roman road ran through the site, the origins of Ipswich are considered to lie in the seventh century.’
    residence, hall, abode, stately home, seat, manor, manor house, country house, castle
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Early 17th century: from Italian, from Latin.