Definition of vilely in English:



  • See vile

    • ‘He felt that ‘they are more vilely oppressed than they have ever been before in their history.’’
    • ‘Of course, there was always some-one who drank so much as to get vilely sick, but my point is that European teenagers have a much more relaxed, indifferent attitude towards alcohol than their counterparts in such countries as America.’
    • ‘A friend loaned me a much-thumbed copy, vilely printed in Tangiers, and evidently smuggled in by a merchant sailor.’
    • ‘And could he trust the word again of anyone who so vilely wronged him?’
    • ‘Most vilely, he claims I was beset by an ‘explosive urge’ to blow up his house.’
    • ‘England fans should be banned on aesthetic grounds, on the grounds of noise abatement, on the grounds of taste, on the grounds of racism, on the grounds of threatening behaviour, on the grounds of vilely invasive demeanour.’