Definition of vihuela in English:



  • A type of early Spanish stringed musical instrument, in particular vihuela de mano/deɪ ˈmanəʊ/ a type of guitar and vihuela de arco/deɪ ˈɑːkəʊ/ a type of viol.

    • ‘As the 16-member ensemble launches into a particularly romantic song, local high school mariachi teacher John Contreras rocks rhythmically nearby, a small vihuela (an instrument similar to a guitar) at his side.’
    • ‘The five-course guitar supplanted the aristocratic vihuela in the 17th century and came to be regarded as the typical Spanish instrument.’
    • ‘Juan Carlos Rivera and his vihuela are shown to advantage in an extract from the Mass ‘Quam pulchri sunt’.’


Mid 19th century: Spanish.