Definition of vignettist in English:



  • See vignette

    • ‘A practical guide for miniature vignettists and those who wish to master the art of scale reduction in other artistic areas.’
    • ‘If he didn't quite have the bite of Daumier nor the pizazz of Hogarth, William Sharp was still a wizard with a pen: a caricaturist, political cartoonist, courtroom artist, book illustrator and vignettist of urban life.’
    • ‘But the tunes, the arrangements and the lyrics are absolutely spot-on, an indication of a massive return to form for the finest vignettist of his generation.’
    • ‘This year's edition of the Perugia Science Festival, during which the general public and children will be offered a more down to earth approach to difficult scientific matters with the aid of graphic artists and vignettists, will run from September 6th to 22th.’
    • ‘Every lover and collector of beautiful books will recognize in them a revival of the art of the French vignettists of the eighteenth century, in which was reached the acme of gracefulness and skill, in the decoration of the pages of a book.’