Definition of vig in English:



  • short for vigorish
    • ‘Wonder how 8 percent plus a monthly vig is defined under ‘conflict of interest?’’
    • ‘He's got that thug lite thing going (in real life as well, but let's not go there), and a little loan sharking with a hefty vig for the private school set might be up his alley.’
    • ‘So when the guy can't make his monthly vig, the IRS starts seizing his stuff, and puts him out of business.’
    • ‘‘I thought the vig was the interest,’ Chapell wrote, ‘so now I don't know what to do’.’
    • ‘For example, if you were to buy the four or ten for $40, you would pay a $2 vig and win $80 at 2:1 odds.’
    • ‘Savvy bettors - those who concentrate on books that emphasize professional management, competitive vig, and attractive but fiscally sound sign-up incentives - generally experience minimal problems.’
    • ‘Somehow I can't picture the yakuza funding anything with as low a vig as WMDs, let alone in another country run by an even bigger gang.’
    • ‘Once he's cooped up in that crypt he's going to have a hard time covering the vig.’
    • ‘Later that day, when Galster learns that Sompong is still paying off the vig to his old boss, he quickly and quietly sends the reformed poacher an envelope with enough cash to cover the debt.’
    • ‘That vig you pay may as well be diamonds and fur coats given to another woman.’
    • ‘You can buy the four and ten in many casinos for $39 and only pay $1 vig each.’
    • ‘I just apparently don't know nothing, not that I could beat the vig even if I did.’
    • ‘However the combination of product activation and the annual vig appear to be dampening technical enthusiasm for the software.’
    • ‘Football and basketball are both primarily bet using point spreads and totals, with a built in vig of 10% - easy for bettors and easy for bookmakers.’
    • ‘Xu Fan (F-A-N, not FANG) is the beautiful actress featured in that very useful advertisement reminding us that love of home and country begins with paying Caesar his vig.’
    • ‘And I don't mind paying them their vig, maybe 10, even 20 percent if they have a case (sick kids, ailing grandma etc.).’