Definition of viewscreen in English:



  • The screen on a television, computer, or similar device on which images and data are displayed.

    • ‘Allison Tennison shrugged, looking up at the image on her bridge viewscreen.’
    • ‘Oh, you mean the viewscreen for my DVD player and playstation.’
    • ‘The viewscreen flickered back to the image of the moving red nebula.’
    • ‘Thurgan watched his small viewscreen which displayed feed from a vidcam in the laboratory.’
    • ‘She didn't need a viewscreen or search screen to know and see what happened.’
    • ‘The viewscreen became whole again and the back screen was once again white with red lines snaking across it.’
    • ‘On the viewscreen appeared an image of the ship of his most hated nemesis, Aberdeen Edwardes.’
    • ‘The odds are being displayed on your viewscreens.’
    • ‘The image of the Sandonian came onto the viewscreen.’
    • ‘Firstly, the left light for the main viewscreen is not straight.’