Definition of viewpoint in English:



  • 1A position giving a good view.

    • ‘The final lap of my walk took me up to a viewpoint called the Battlements and on a clear day I could see Darwen Moors.’
    • ‘The low viewpoint places us among the crowd, so that we become a part of the spectacle.’
    • ‘Thus the part of the room close to the viewpoints of the pictures does not seem to be blacked out.’
    • ‘Text panels scattered throughout the Museum give eye-witness accounts and background viewpoints.’
    • ‘This camera can be manually fixed in position to record a scene from a secondary viewpoint.’
    • ‘We see portions of the illuminated half from various viewpoints as both Earth and Venus orbit the Sun.’
    • ‘The children are encouraged to find viewpoints, to guess the time of day, the position of the sun, and so on.’
    • ‘The profile of the temporary bund would slope steeply away from viewpoints on Whalley Lane and be beyond the present high bund at the back of the farmhouse.’
    • ‘To infer different viewpoints, he broke down both the contour lines of the object and the planar lines of reference.’
    • ‘All the major tourist viewpoints in Ooty and Coonoor need to be policed environmentally.’
    • ‘Fjeldså's sketches allow us to see postures from viewpoints rarely seen in the field.’
    • ‘The afternoon before we were to set off Jasper drove us to one of the tourist viewpoints to assess the terrain.’
    • ‘The graphics are cartoony with two viewpoints, an aerial view and a ground-level view.’
  • 2A person's opinion or point of view:

    ‘I do try to put over our viewpoint’
    ‘from a purely aesthetic viewpoint, I must say that I dislike the design’
    • ‘Still, the opposing viewpoints on a separate Space Force warrant serious consideration.’
    • ‘We end up with a nasty battle of limited viewpoints each struggling to dominate the other.’
    • ‘In any event, the idea is not to homogenize viewpoints or cultural perspectives.’
    • ‘Concerns and viewpoints on public works projects and issues within the four provinces were shared.’
    • ‘We edit from the same perspective. We present the news of our world from the same viewpoints.’
    • ‘The story unfolds from multiple viewpoints and focuses on a number of key characters.’
    • ‘Although I don't agree with his extreme right-wing viewpoints, he has the right to express them.’
    • ‘It was well worth the read from an imaginative and an intellectual viewpoint.’
    • ‘And the public does not quite understand his major viewpoints on public policies.’
    • ‘This campaign will witness a stark battle of dueling strategic viewpoints.’
    • ‘It's not a widely recognised position but every so often he does explicitly express his viewpoint.’
    • ‘You can look at it from a number of different viewpoints, in my view.’
    • ‘Provide room for all responsible viewpoints, even if they're outside the mainstream.’
    • ‘The administration seems indifferent to data, impervious to competing viewpoints and ideas.’
    • ‘By contrast, viewpoints critical of the U.S. position have barely been heard.’
    • ‘We are going to try to include as many different viewpoints as our site grows.’
    • ‘The conflict among the organizations' viewpoints rests in different perspectives of the case.’
    • ‘A start can be world viewpoints that people hold dear and strong in their hearts.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, even extreme liberal viewpoints are promulgated as objective truth.’
    • ‘It's a very strange doctrine that would silence only religiously grounded moral viewpoints.’
    • ‘They pick candidates, they pick issues, they pick sort of world views based upon viewpoints.’
    • ‘To conclude, we would like to view the reality of research from an administrative viewpoint.’
    way of thinking, point of view, view, frame of reference, outlook, perspective, angle, slant, standpoint, position, posture, stance, stand, attitude, opinion, belief, judgement, interpretation, thought, school of thought, mind, line, policy
    ideas, thoughts, sentiments, feelings
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