Definition of viewgraph in English:



  • A graph or other data produced as a transparency for projection on to a screen or for transmission during a teleconference.

    • ‘The ‘bread’ consists of two polarizing sheets with their optic axes at right angles, and the ‘filling’ is a sheet of transparent viewgraph foil.’
    • ‘They equate a speech and an occasional viewgraph with actual plans and hardware, never bothering to look for a line item in the budget, or to actually call up a source.’
    • ‘USASMDC's tactical high-energy laser, developed jointly with Israel, is a proven, operational laser weapon, not a viewgraph or a laboratory experiment.’
    • ‘Countless spacecraft and rockets have never progressed beyond the viewgraph stage because the money needed to build those vehicles was lacking, just as a rocket without fuel will never lift off.’
    • ‘Now there's a term that perhaps only a journalist or a viewgraph engineer could really love.’
    • ‘I'm going to pose to each of them a question to which they will respond extemporaneously - no PowerPoint presentations, no viewgraphs.’