Definition of Vietnamese in English:



  • Relating to Vietnam, its people, or their language.

    • ‘He liked Asian people, Vietnamese people in particular, and their culture, considerably more than he liked Australian culture.’
    • ‘We were representing a Saturday morning Vietnamese language school.’
    • ‘Larger donations can be channeled to specific Vietnamese groups.’
    • ‘I, for one, have no idea whether this is appropriate in Vietnamese culture or not, nor what a bishop can and cannot permit in his own diocese.’
    • ‘Their village had been overrun by Vietnamese troops in 1979.’
    • ‘She also famously described US ambitions as ‘imperialist’ and advised Richard Nixon to read up on Vietnamese history.’
    • ‘My recipe for today is for Vietnamese lemon chicken.’
    • ‘The opening scene begins with Ho Xuan Huong in Vietnamese peasant clothing, at the funeral of Commissioner Coc.’


  • 1A native or inhabitant of Vietnam, or a person of Vietnamese descent.

    • ‘From the 1400s on, the Cambodians lost territory to both the Siamese and the Vietnamese.’
    • ‘They share their classrooms with Arabs, Africans and Vietnamese.’
    • ‘The streets to the American Embassy were so crowded with GIs and Vietnamese alike, all wanted to leave the gem of the orient.’
    • ‘Western love songs, especially slow, sad songs recorded by Asian artists, are also much loved by the Vietnamese.’
    • ‘Thais and Vietnamese also came in large numbers and this is really where Asian Fusion cooking was born.’
    • ‘He honestly thought that Americans tried to improve the lot of the Vietnamese.’
    • ‘I think it's no accident that the best cooks on Earth are the Basque and the Vietnamese.’
  • 2mass noun The language of Vietnam, spoken by about 60 million people. It probably belongs to the Mon-Khmer group, although much of its vocabulary is derived from Chinese.

    • ‘Lady Borton, who speaks Vietnamese, finds the atmosphere far more hospitable now than in the early years of independence.’
    • ‘This person may have married an Irish person but probably still thinks in and speaks Vietnamese.’
    • ‘The books have been re-published many times, in a number of different Asian languages including Japanese and Vietnamese.’
    • ‘For general sessions I speak in Vietnamese, except when interacting on an individual basis, when I use English.’
    • ‘He speaks five languages, Vietnamese, French, Greek, Spanish and some other obscure language.’
    • ‘In addition, Cambodians have borrowed words from Thai, French, Chinese, and Vietnamese.’