Definition of Viennese coffee in English:

Viennese coffee


mass noun
  • A blend of coffee flavoured with fig extract.

    • ‘Across the road in the Hungarian pavilion goulash and instant Viennese coffee were on offer.’
    • ‘Forty-something, eastern-European looking, she becomes the reason why he goes back repeatedly, tipping monstrously until at last, ‘at eight pounds a Russian tea and a tenner per cup of Viennese coffee’, she notices him.’
    • ‘I used to associate with a group of students who assembled every Thursday night in one of the old Viennese coffee houses…’
    • ‘Perhaps a book of Hegel's or Holderlin's lurking there (we may as well say it) just off-screen, or a cup of that bitter, dark Viennese coffee he prefers.’