Definition of vidicon in English:



  • A small television camera tube in which the image is formed on a transparent electrode coated with photoconductive material, the current from which varies as it is scanned by a beam of low-speed electrons.

    • ‘This ‘racks’ the vidicon and deflection coils back and forth behind the lens.’
    • ‘Other systems include a near infra-red vidicon television for day use, a carbon dioxide laser for missile guidance and a Neodinium YaG laser rangefinder operating at 1.06 microns.’
    • ‘Layout drawings of an intensifier vidicon are presented.’
    • ‘The DNA was illuminated and imaged as above with a 100x oil immersion objective, intensified and recorded to a computer hard drive using a low light vidicon camera.’
    • ‘It was a modified television vidicon tube with a TGS target, electron beam readout, a germanium lens, and a light chopper.’
    • ‘It may have been a production CCU for an IO camera that was modified to work with the vidicon camera.’
    • ‘Photosensitive materials are also utilized in vidicons, which are devices used to convert images to electrical signals.’
    • ‘Another object of the invention is the provision of a vidicon reader utilizing a handheld vidicon camera tube.’
    • ‘The vidicons required much more light then the I.O.'s, but were cheaper and less prone to ‘burn in.’’


1950s: from the initial elements of video and iconoscope (an early television camera tube).