Definition of videophone in English:



  • A telephone device transmitting and receiving a visual image as well as sound.

    • ‘What's more, he says, the chip - and the videophone - will work equally well over DSL or satellite.’
    • ‘Broadband access to the home will create a new wave of networked devices, such as TVs, videophones, even kitchen appliances.’
    • ‘Communications within the settlement would be by cell phone and videophone.’
    • ‘I think videophones and VoIP make a powerful combo and will popularize yet another acronym: VVoIP.’
    • ‘And with that download capacity, videophones will manage about two frames per second.’
    • ‘She was so glad that they used normal phones and not videophones or conferencing.’
    • ‘It was there that CNN tried out new devices extensively like videophones, digital cameras and the likes.’
    • ‘So what kind of war did 600 embedded correspondents and all those high-tech satellite dishes and videophones bring us?’
    • ‘To stream the video to headquarters, the videophone must be connected to a satellite phone, a device about the size of a laptop computer.’
    • ‘But all those couples needed a computer and a Nexus module and a telescreen and telephone and a videophone.’
    telephone, mobile phone, mobile, cell phone, car phone, radio-telephone, cordless phone, extension
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