Definition of video piracy in English:

video piracy


mass noun
  • The unauthorized and illegal production and sale of copies of commercial video films.

    • ‘Rachel thinks she has left the killer videotape behind, but a copy somehow follows her there, conclusively proving that video piracy is rampant even in America.’
    • ‘As is the wont with all our film heroes who wax eloquent on the plague of video piracy only when their films are slated for a release, Chiranjeevi too was no exception.’
    • ‘Moreover, the film industry needed to stand united in fighting video piracy that was throttling the business.’
    • ‘Even though film industry pundits are wont to blame video piracy for the pathetic state of the film industry, it seems it is actually the idiot box which is responsible.’
    • ‘Then, it looks like they're not using MP3, which puts it on a par with attempting to counter VHS video piracy by ensuring swift release of films on the Video 2000 format.’
    • ‘Film exhibitors say the menace of video piracy is eating into their returns.’
    • ‘Thanks to video piracy, the film industry in the country is losing about Rs.300 crores every year.’
    • ‘The main reasons pointed out are the hike in cost of production, competition from television, video piracy, etc.’
    • ‘Film producers tend to blame cable TV and video piracy for their misfortunes.’
    • ‘The state Government's order to curb the menace of video piracy has revived the hopes of those involved in the film industry, from producers to cinema theatre owners.’