Definition of video on demand in English:

video on demand


mass noun
  • A system in which viewers choose their own filmed entertainment, by means of a PC or interactive TV system, from a wide available selection.

    • ‘It also plans to provide IP multicast exchange services, allowing member ISPs to transmit video on demand.’
    • ‘These vendors want to provide a variety of functions, including digital television, video on demand, program guides, program recording, web access, e-mail, shopping and games.’
    • ‘Wireless broadband would become the conduit for video on demand and entertainment services, he predicted.’
    • ‘The project is designed to provide much faster data transmission than regular high-speed Internet connections, enabling higher quality broadcasting, video on demand and phone calls.’
    • ‘The advent of trackable media, like video on demand, has entered television's mix and gives a free-spending ad exec fits.’
    • ‘Indeed, most of the growth for cable companies is expected to come from video on demand and other interactive services such as downloading music and buying theater tickets.’
    • ‘These forms - the already available video, DVD, cable and the soon-to-be available satellite, broadband, and video on demand - transform the availability of films.’
    • ‘With the advent of broadband telephony, video on demand and a whole range of other services consumers are likely to be tempted more and more to shop around.’
    • ‘Turn your TV from a workout destructor into a fitness buddy with video on demand - a technology that allows you to instantly order the program you want with the click of your remote control.’
    • ‘We've talked about digital video recorders [aka TiVo] and video on demand [via cable] and signs that more control will be shifting to consumers.’