Definition of video jockey in English:

video jockey


  • A person who introduces and plays music videos on television.

    • ‘Forward seven years and opportunity puts him in romantic contact with video jockey Liv Tyler whose maternal needs are met by both children: father and daughter.’
    • ‘Look around town, and spot her in a movie clip called, Bas Yun Hi. Catch her young with a music video jockey called Purab.’
    • ‘On the flip side, hardcore arcade hounds and video jockeys despised the game for its limited combo system and unbalanced cheap-hit ratio.’
    • ‘It wasn't surprising then, that the opinion of people mattered a lot when it came to selection of video jockeys to host particular shows.’
    • ‘Take the case of Shaima Rezayee, the video jockey on an MTV-like programme in Afghanistan.’
    • ‘Each was dubbed from the previous one while it was being projected by hired assistants who served as manic video jockeys for the duration of this performance/installation.’
    • ‘A popular video jockey with Channel V, Nafisa Joseph hosted several popular shows.’
    • ‘To give the assembled students a big surprise, the organisers kept the arrival of MTV video jockey Nikil Chinnappa, a closely guarded secret.’
    • ‘The music, mixed by six disc jockeys with one video jockey thrown in for effect, ranged from hip-hop to house to retro.’
    • ‘On Monday, November 7 MuchMusic will be coming to UW on their national video jockey search.’


video jockey