Definition of vicuña in English:



  • 1A wild relative of the llama, inhabiting mountainous regions of South America and valued for its fine silky wool.

    • ‘Franklin began his foray into the camelid world through his studies of vicuñas and guanacos of South America two decades ago.’
    1. 1.1[mass noun] Cloth made from the wool of the vicuña or an imitation of it.
      • ‘Loro Piana uses only pure cashmere or precious vicuña fibers (a highly-valued yarn known to the Incas as ‘fiber of the Gods‘) in its collection.’
      • ‘You're already getting the suit and tie, so you might as well go all the way and purchase a made-to-measure Brioni vicuña wool overcoat.’
      • ‘The theatre is a perfect symbol of Buenos Aires: flamboyant and decaying, a little melancholy, full of men in vicuña coats and society ladies in diamonds that might just, these days, be paste.’
      • ‘A custom-made vicuña wool Brioni jacket can cost up to $25,000.’
      • ‘Ike won a second term and watched in dismay as his chief of staff was forced to resign over a vicuña coat.’


Early 17th century: from Spanish, from Quechua.