Definition of Victoriana in English:


plural noun

  • 1Articles, especially collectors' items, from the Victorian period.

    • ‘Not far from the base of the Christ Church tower - which is no longer a place of worship but an art gallery - stands a magnificent piece of early Victoriana which was once Hartlepool's great Wesleyan chapel.’
    • ‘Now Sally doesn't hesitate to mix vintage Hawaiiana with Victoriana.’
    • ‘Ozzy Osbourne lookalike Darren Marks from Leeds, was filmed with Victoriana, art nouveau and art deco expert Eric Knowles with his giant barge teapot.’
    • ‘Instead of twee Victoriana, we found ourselves staring at a glass monolith that looked like it would be more at home in Florida than Fife.’
    • ‘Visitors were able to browse a selection of Victoriana stalls from jewellery sellers and basket-weavers to rope makers, and there was plenty of street entertainment to be enjoyed, including jugglers, stilt-walkers and jazz musicians.’
    • ‘In the sitting room chintz, collections of sherry glasses and relentless Paisley-esque carpet all conspire to create an idiosyncratic replica of Victoriana.’
    • ‘Rather than play with other kids, the young Lloyd Jenkins would hang out with the neighbours - elderly communists with a boat shed full of Victoriana, rescued from a St Mary's Bay home demolished for the harbour bridge.’
    • ‘The room is tastefully decorated - though not to my taste - with layers of muted Victoriana.’
    • ‘The garden contained much of the Victoriana he had salvaged from in and around Keighley.’
    • ‘The Grill Room could be a set for Monarch of the Glen, or one of those retro Scottish Victoriana reproduction room displays you'd find in Big Box furniture warehouses.’
    • ‘The fuddy-duddiness of Victoriana seemed to me so unfashionable in the 1990s: people wanted to have things like stainless-steel kitchens; they didn't want all this velvet over the tables and embroidery everywhere.’
    • ‘This sombre painting, hung at the gallery's current Ben Nicholson display, may at first appear out of place - a piece of Victoriana surrounded by some of the most spare geometric abstraction ever produced in Britain.’
    • ‘Now, I'm not a fan of Victoriana - not one of those women who has lace doilies on my end table and sachets in my bathroom.’
    • ‘Naturally it has the heritage decor that comes with the genre: dark wood, theatrical red, brazenly swirly carpets, brass coal scuttles and Quality Street faux Victoriana prints.’
    1. 1.1 Matters or attitudes relating to or characteristic of this period.
      • ‘A taste for Victoriana characterizes his work of the early 1940s, while later pieces exhibit a move towards greater abstraction.’
      • ‘Strangely, it is not in attempting to merge this intellectual Victoriana into believable characters that the play begins to display weaknesses.’
      • ‘She has preserved all the Biba signatures: the dusky palette, strong art deco and Victoriana influences, and long, sinuous silhouettes characterised by narrow arms and well-defined shoulders.’
      • ‘Yet another comedy television project had foundered and he had become obsessed with over-population and restoring Victoriana.’
      • ‘His Collected Poems sold over a million copies and as broadcaster he became a national institution, championing Victoriana and the disappearing ‘Metro-land’ of his youth.’