Definition of vibraculum in English:


nounPlural vibracula

  • (in some bryozoans) any of a number of modified zooids that bear a long whiplike seta, serving to prevent other organisms from settling on the colony.

    Compare with avicularium
    • ‘In other species of bryozoan, ‘protective’ individuals called vibracula have the shape of a long bristle which moves like a whip; other species have protective spines at the open end of a branch.’
    • ‘Other zooids include the avicularia, where the operculum has been modified into a jaw, and the vibracula where the operculum has been modified into a bristle.’
    • ‘They may be polymorphic with ovicells, vibracula, kenozooids, and/or avicularia in addition to autozooids.’
    • ‘Some species are provided with avicularia and vibracula; some with avicularia alone, and a few with vibracula alone.’
    • ‘In Ectoprocta there are similar specialized zooids, avacularia, vibracula, and gonozooids.’


Mid 19th century: modern Latin, from Latin vibrare (see vibrate).