Definition of vetch in English:



  • A widely distributed scrambling herbaceous plant of the pea family, which is cultivated as a silage or fodder crop.

    Genus "Vicia", family "Leguminosae": several species, in particular the European common vetch ("V. sativa")

    See also tare
    • ‘Buckwheat, mustard, rape, or fast-growing legumes, such as vetches or crimson clover, can be used.’
    • ‘My vetch and oat cover crops look like they'll make it into the winter with sufficient growth to survive the cold.’
    • ‘Sometimes, instead of a multi-year hayfield, Moyer will just use hairy vetch or a vetch / oats mix as a cover crop between the summer wheat harvest and corn planting the following spring.’
    • ‘Plant vetch and winter rye as a cover crop on bare soil and protect remaining produce with row cover as October frosts approach.’
    • ‘After you prepare a seed bed in your future tomato plot, plant the vetch, either by broadcasting or in shallow furrows at the rate of an ounce of seed per 10 square feet.’


Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French veche, from Latin vicia.