Definition of vesuvianite in English:



  • another term for idocrase
    • ‘The theme for the 2003 competition was vesuvianite, and with thirty-eight entries, judging became a serious business.’
    • ‘The veins are surrounded by a 5-to 10-cm-wide alteration zone that consists of calcite, dolomite, diopside, hedenbergite, vesuvianite, and base-metal sulfides.’
    • ‘Vesuvianite forms as a result of contact metamorphism on impure limestones and is usually found with other exotic minerals.’
    • ‘The new edition also adds the important vesuvianite locality at Asbestos, Quebec, which was absent in the 1960 book.’
    • ‘The locality has been worked exclusively for garnet and vesuvianite specimens by mineral collectors and mineral dealers.’


Late 19th century: from Vesuvius + -an + -ite.