Definition of vestryman in English:



  • A member of a parochial vestry.

    • ‘Washington's drive and determination, essential qualities for any military commander and revolutionary leader, manifested themselves before 1775 in acquiring still other public posts: county surveyor, vestryman, and legislator.’
    • ‘She points also to the middle classes, serving as vestrymen and jurors, who progressively lost faith in the informers and the gin acts they were enforcing.’
    • ‘The rents and profits of the lands and house were to be ‘distributed as her gift and charity, yearly and every year for ever’ by the minister and the vestrymen of Holy Trinity.’
    • ‘I read that you were the youngest vestryman in the history of your Episcopal church.’
    • ‘He also left 4 to pay for a dinner for vestrymen - perhaps as a sort of recommence for the likely trouble.’