Definition of vesica piscis in English:

vesica piscis


  • A pointed oval figure used as an architectural feature and as an aureole enclosing figures such as Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary in medieval art.

    Also called mandorla
    • ‘The first spot you will reach at the bottom of the garden is this vesica piscis shaped pool that has Chalice Well water flowing in to it through a series of flow forms.’
    • ‘Here the central figure is unusually surrounded by the ovoid shape of the vesica piscis.’
    • ‘Nowadays, it has come to refer exclusively to a certain more complicated shape formed of three vesicae piscis, sometimes with an added circle in or around it.’
    • ‘The Vesica Piscis represents the summer and winter solstices of this cycle.’
    • ‘It was through the use of the vesica piscis that the artists and architects of the past, in both the East and West, were able to construct accurate geometric forms.’


Latin, literally ‘fish's bladder’.


vesica piscis

/ˈviː-//ˌvɛsɪkə ˈpɪskɪs/