Definition of vertical thinking in English:

vertical thinking


mass noun
  • The solving of problems using conventional logical processes.

    Contrasted with lateral thinking
    • ‘Let's start with vertical thinking, as this is the easiest concept - or type of thinking - to start with.’
    • ‘Mr De Bono coined the phrases lateral and vertical thinking, we think diagonally.’
    • ‘The report presents Peggy McIntosh's typology and vertical thinking construct as one kind of curriculum approach.’
    • ‘Limitations of vertical thinking include being right at every stage and having everything rigidly defined.’
    • ‘With vertical thinking categories, classifications and labels are fixed, with lateral thinking they are not.’
    • ‘It goes from the global toward the concrete through a sequential and logical thinking process, a vertical thinking process.’
    • ‘Rule-based vertical thinking makes perfect sense for ballet and competition ballroom dance for example.’
    • ‘To persist with vertical thinking when one should be using lateral thinking is dangerous.’
    • ‘In vertical thinking, one moves forward by sequential steps each of which must be justified.’
    • ‘Thus where vertical thinking focuses on the answers, lateral thinking generates questions and hypotheses.’
    • ‘Lateral thinking enhances the effectiveness of vertical thinking by offering it more to select from.’