Definition of vertical market in English:

vertical market


  • A market comprising all the potential purchasers in a particular occupation or industry.

    • ‘Acquisition of SeeBeyond signals a growing presence by Sun in vertical markets and small and medium businesses (SMBs).’
    • ‘Most of these are in defence, industrial vertical markets such as telcoms and automation, and healthcare.’
    • ‘The company continues to serve two distinct markets: multinationals and defined vertical markets within North America.’
    • ‘Some, like Finland's TietoEnator, are focusing on certain vertical markets while gingerly expanding their global presence.’
    • ‘What industries or vertical markets have you worked with?’
    • ‘They invariably talk about a particular vertical market that has X billions of dollars in sales each year.’
    • ‘We will have significant strength in customer support, outsourcing, system and network integration, and vertical markets.’
    • ‘By separating into vertical markets, choices would be simpler for users and they would require fewer costly studies and evaluations.’
    • ‘You might not see those skills in your vertical market.’
    • ‘The group's first challenge was to identify the most promising e-commerce opportunities from among Honeywell's many vertical markets.’
    • ‘In 1998, I was based in Manhattan, organizing Xerox around vertical markets, when the company reorganized.’
    • ‘To enter a new vertical market, he says, would take him a year, ‘and the charge is not going to be a few thousand, but 10 times more.’’
    • ‘A lot of the vertical markets do not yet have the ability to completely automate a transaction.’
    • ‘Which vertical markets seem to have the most security professionals and how is that changing, if at all?’
    • ‘Today, the Tablet is stuck mostly in such vertical markets as insurance and health care.’
    • ‘‘The totality of a relationship goes beyond who knows who,’ says Rick Klau, vice president of vertical markets at Interface.’
    • ‘It's an important job: developing partnerships with software vendors in key vertical markets.’
    • ‘Of course, small to medium businesses and companies in other vertical markets will also be on the Intrinsic radar screen.’
    • ‘In corporate and vertical markets Microsoft has the potential advantage of installed base.’
    • ‘The company is seeking out VARs and integrators active in the health care, financial and retail vertical markets.’