Definition of versed in English:



versed in
  • Experienced or skilled in; knowledgeable about:

    ‘a solicitor well versed in employment law’
    • ‘I would have liked to see a work force made up of people who are not only versed academically, but in vocational fields as well.’
    • ‘I am not versed in the ways of pretty pampered girls.’
    • ‘He has portrayed himself as a very experienced, knowledgeable and versed man and a program like that should be live.’
    • ‘Contributors versed in various subject areas have assembled noteworthy sites and provided descriptions of each site.’
    • ‘He was a very well versed man and his warm smile was a trademark of his personality.’
    • ‘The hints too had been so heavy and so clumsy that journalists well versed in the field of arms control were beginning to guess who it could be.’
    • ‘Gawain responded that even if he taught her all he knew, and recited romances to her, she was already a hundred times more versed in love than he.’
    • ‘Indeed, I was struck by the fact that this elite band of composers were all well read and well versed in the other arts.’
    • ‘Each man was thoroughly versed in the mission and prepared to carry it out alone, if necessary.’
    • ‘How well versed were you already in seeking these people out?’
    • ‘Can someone more versed in Protestant and Fundamentalist theology than I am help me out here?’
    • ‘Instead of downloading tunes, you'd be downloading say bits of Taoism from somebody better versed than yourself.’
    • ‘Now, I was fully versed in preparatory techniques, and enjoyed mulling, rolling, roach-making, etc.’
    • ‘I think you'd really be happy back in the Catholic Church, once you are better versed in what it teaches.’
    • ‘He is deeply versed in the archives and traditions of the Middle Temple.’
    • ‘General Motors-trained classroom instructors are well versed in the latest trends in automotive technology.’
    • ‘An educated person would be expected to be well versed in both natural science and the humanities.’
    acquainted with, conversant with, familiar with, informed about, knowledgeable about, well informed about, instructed in, skilled in, proficient in
    at home with, no stranger to, au fait with, au courant with, apprised of, abreast of, up to date with, in touch with
    well up on, in the know about, genned up on, clued in on, clued up on, plugged into
    switched on to
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Early 17th century: from French versé or Latin versatus, past participle of versari be engaged in.